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On March 30 and 31, Carnegie Mellon hosted “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” a festival based on discussing copyright issues and showcasing transgressive art (art that incorporates appropriated images, sound, or video). Since the article was published after the festival was over, it focused more on the issues brought up by the festival than the actual events.


This article is intended for the readers of the Tartan, a group composed primarily of undergraduate students but also including graduate students, faculty and staff.


In the process of writing this article, I:

  • Interviewed the festival’s organizers and speakers, including James Boyle, Duke law professor and keynote speaker, Chris Sperandio, art professor organizer of the event, Suzie Silver, art professor and organizer of the after-party, and Kathy Newman, English professor and moderator of the discussion panel.
  • Attended festival events.
  • Researched the history and particulars of copyright law.