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JDAnthony was redesigning HealthTronics’ web site; I was in charge of rewriting the copy they had for the new site. This particular page describes the RevoLix surgical laser.


Initially, the staff of HealthTronics; later, visitors to the website. These visitors would primarily be doctors, patients, and medical purchasers.


To create this web copy, I:

  • Read HealthTronics’ initial copy.
  • Conducted research online, using HealthTronics’ website and others, plus a tutorial program designed for HealthTronics’ clients, to learn about urology in general and surgical lasers designed to treat prostate enlargement in particular.
  • Wrote new copy that was as clear and concise as possible, using plenty of bullet points for easy online reading.
  • Worked with my co-workers and HealthTronics staff to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the final product.