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I created a new brand and identity system for Old Economy Village. Old Economy has a strong sense of identity, but a confused image and brand. This new brand and identity system had to consistently portray the image that the village wants to evoke for visitors.


Initially, the staff of Old Economy Village; eventually, the village’s visitors, local journalists, and scholars.


Before designing anything, I spent two months analyzing every aspect of Old Economy’s identity and image. I determined that the nucleus of the brand system would be the personification of history — “Meet history.” I wanted visitors to experience what the people who lived at Old Economy were like, not just to see what was left behind. I wanted this experience to further be expressed throughout Old Economy’s brand. In doing this, I:

  • Brainstormed on what symbol would best represent this brand promise.
  • Developed a logo incorporating this symbol.
  • Developed a consistent identity system using this logo and exemplifying
    this brand promise, including a style guide and a stationery set including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.