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I created a new brand and identity system for Old Economy Village. This website fits in to my new system.


Initially, the staff of Old Economy Village; eventually, the village’s visitors, local journalists, and scholars.


The nucleus of the new brand system I created was the personification of history — “Meet history.” I wanted visitors to experience what the people who lived at Old Economy were like, not just to see what was left behind. I wanted the website, too, to bring history alive. In doing this, I:

  • Brainstormed to determine who the website's visitors are and what categories they fall into.
  • Brainstormed what content the website's main visitors will be looking for and what would most attract them.
  • Drew up several preliminary wireframe layouts for the website and picked the one that worked best.
  • Selected colors and fonts that fit with my new identity system.
  • Selected photographs that helped further my mission of bringing history to life.
  • Laid out the website.