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This mailer is essentially an advertisement for a 100% guarantee on the RevoLix, a surgical laser used to treat prostrate enlargement. HealthTronics wanted to present this guarantee as a challenge to doctors to prove that their different brands of lasers could beat the RevoLix. To make this interesting, we at JDAnthony used a fencing methaphor.


Initially, the staff of HealthTronics; upon their acceptance, the doctors and medical professionals HealthTronics would target.


In creating this copy, I:

  • Analyzed the creative brief to see what HealthTronics wanted and what JDAnthony’s designers had in mind.
  • Researched fencing terms.
  • Brainstormed what the various sections of the mailer should contain.
  • Wrote a list of possible headlines—the best became headlines, the rest subheads.
  • Wrote the mailer content.
  • Worked with co-workers and HealthTronics staff to edit the document.